Maintenance Management


GABYATEK offer you a reliable Maintenance Management System package.

Easy to use, functional , reports and analyze , asset management , configuration management ,work order ,.inventory and spare part control ,labor and personnel management ….

 Ships and Air vehicles , -Army vehicles
 Facilities ( Hotel-hospital-school … )
 Airport and ports
 Plants – energy plants
 Factories

What we do with Maintenence Managament ?

o Increase efficiency and profitability
o Reduced down time
o Manage maintenance costs, reduced costs
o maximize labor efforts and reduce maintenance parts inventory
o Minimize energy consumption
o Proactively maintain documentation
o Centralized management and control
o Increased life cycle


CMMS –Computerized maintenence management system
A CMMS software package maintains a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operations . CMMS software can be used at different areas. It can be used web based and mobile devices .
Products are available in hosted, or web-based ( Software as a Service (SaaS) ( cloud ))
CMMS software features :
- Preventive and predictive maintenence planning . maintenence routes and tracking
- Asset management and configurationm management
- Work order and work request management
- Maintenence plan ,maintenence scheduling and cards , ( weekly-monthly–yearly or miles-20 flights -1000 hours etc )
-Reports and KPI analysis ( MTTR-MTBF-FMEACA –cost-labor-man hour –spare part , )
-Barcoding and mobile capability
- inventory and spare parts management ( initial,depot ,critical spares, test measurement and tools
-Labor , work hour
-Breakdown management .
Predictive-Condition Based Maintenence
Consultancy and application for on condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
-Rotating and reciprocating machines , motor,fans ,gearboxes, engines, generators, gas turbines,compressors,
Inspection and condition based maintenence :
-Vibtaration measurement and ,noise measuerment
- Ultrasound measurement

-Bore scope inspection

A- Bore scope inspection
- Gas turbines and energy plants
- Power türbine- LPT –Combustion chamber - compresör

B. Vibtration measurement and analysing (misalignment-unbalance-looseness –worn belts etc..)
- Rotating machines , gearboxes - fan- mechanical failures ,engines generators,gas turbines

C. UT-Ultra sound measuerements
-Leak detection (steam leaks-water leaks-air leaks- tank leaks -tigthness )
-Valve and steam system inspection
- Bearings and lubracitaion failures
- Mechanical and gear problems - Vibration measuerement (Time wave form)
- Pump cavitation
-Conveyor belts

D. Elektrical inspection ; Corona –arc –tracking & mechanical looseness
- Switchboxes , transformers , circuit breakers, relays etc
Reliability Centered Maintenence
Easy way preventing the failures

Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) is the process of determining the most effective maintenance approach. And its goal is to accomplish maintenance necessary to achieve maximum operational availability at the lowest cost and lowest waste .

Besides Preventive maintenence , using technology to monitör and determine equipment conditions with Predictive maintenence .
a.Functions and functional failures
a.Establishing equipment critically levels
b Identify Failure modes and effcet system function , failure consequences
c.Define failure tasks , , root cause analysisi