Who we are?

Headquartered in Ankara , Turkey, GABYATEK has been performing CMMS –Computerized Maintenance Managemnt System , ILS / Integrated logistics support , Predicitive and Inspection , Test and trial documantation, Trainining and technical consultancy with 30 years experienced personnel .

GABYATEK can service in areas of industrial facilities, port and airports , shipyard, energy plants , fleet maintenance , ship, air and army vehicles systems . We try providing high quality technical services and customer satisfaction . Reduced time spent – customer satisfaction and solution oriented - efficiency maintenance – reduced manhour – tracking all maintenance performed and reports – reduced cost

Services Areas

• Computerized maintenance managemnt system - CMMS - Preventive maintenance PM
• Reliability centered maintenance (RCM)
• Integrated logistics support (ILS )
• Test – Bore scope inspection
• Training and Technical documantation